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PSYCHO “6 song E.P. – son of 8 song” EP


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PSYCHO “6 song E.P. – son of 8 song” 6,00 EUR / 25zl
(Antitodo) PSYCHO from Boston, Massachussets, USA has been around since 1981, at first they started as Punk, Punk Rock band but with time they kept going more and more extreme. PSYCHO in the Mid Eighties became a really fast band and played frantic Fastcore, Hardcore, Thrashcore in the vein of THE F.U.´S, early GANG GREEN, D.R.I., M.D.C., SEPTIC DEATH, CANCEROUS GROWTH, … .

PSYCHO´s second EP orginally was released in the year 1985 on AX/CTION RECORDS from the U.S.A. (the label of Charlie Infection, the PSYCHO drummer).

Official re-issue limited to 300 copies on Black vinyl, comes in a pocket cover with original artwork and a fold-out lyric sheet is added too.