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PULSO “Enfrentamiento total” 12″ (black)


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REFUSE 184 PULSO “Enfrentamiento total” 15.00 EUR / 70zł (black)
Behind Pulso we find the latest formation of Appraise, a benchmark Barcelona hardcore band in terms of old school hardcore, made up of former members of such seminal formations as Cinder, Golem, Power, Constrict, Verdugo and Col·lapse.
From the DIY ethic and inspired by movements like the Youth Crew of the late 80’s, Appraise have made a name for themselves among the now considered classic hardcore fans spearheaded by classics like Youth of Today, Minor Threat, Bold and Chain of Strength.
They remained faithful to a genre (or subgenre) since that first homonymous reference, an EP released in 2012. Several tours in Europe and South America and four releases later, the last being the 7-inch ‘Leap of Faith’ from 2017, Appraise have decided to release a LP under the name Pulso.
And that is why they allow themselves to play a little more with other influences, get out of the guidelines and ultimately practice a somewhat more adventurous hardcore and  lyrics in Spanish.  “Un nuevo grito, un nuevo impulso, es hora de cambiar. Todo tiene dos caras y debes elegir”, they sing on the track ‘Enfrentamiento total’, the title that gives its name to their first work, recorded at the EM Estudi in Terrassa (Serpent, Blowfuse, The Anti-Patiks) and mastered by the legendary Don Fury (Gorilla Biscuits, Judge, etc…) in his studios in the Big Apple.
Other titles are as eloquent as ‘Atrévete’, ‘No caer, ‘Escapar o aparentar’ and ‘Recluso de tu inércia’. Positive hardcore, the kind that encourages inner reflection while prompting you to change things, to do them differently and run away from the herd, is what we find in ‘Enfrentamiento total’, a first feature for these newcomers but solid Pulso, a work made up of 9 cuts as forceful as they are melodic, released by three bands by labels and groups Bcore (Barcelona), CKUD (Barcelona) and Refuse Records (Berlin/Warsaw).
Appraise remains in indefinite  hiatus. Now it’s Pulso’s turn. Dare!