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PUSRAD “Domd” 12″ (pink)


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PUSRAD “Domd” 50zł / 12,00 EUR (pink)
(Gaphals) Pusrad are the result of a Raped Teenagers reunion in 2010. But instead of going on with Raped Teenagers, this two-piece started something new and took their bandname from a track of Raped Teenagers first 7″. After two excellent 7″s this is Pusrad’s first 12″ release. You get 19 short tracks, most of them with a playtime under 30 seconds. The full playtime is about 6 minutes. But this record really doesn’t sound like a sequence of song fragments: Pusrad write super compact songs, packed with manic breaks, plenty of variations and a undercurrent of melodies. Their music is just straight to the point and when one of their 20 second blasts is over, you won’t get the feeling, that there’s anything missing. Pusrad’s hardcore sounds like punk on high speed, so this definitely pure 80s style hardcore without any metal, grind, crossover or whatever influences. The whole record is filled with high speed blasts. There’s only one exception: “Errare Humanum Est”, with a playtime of 35 seconds the longest song of the record, is some kind of Bäddat For Trubbel style melodic punkrock. The recording is super tight and it has a great modern production: It sounds dry and clean, but at the same time it captures Pusrad sheer energy and freshness. This is the best Swedish hardcore in a long time!