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QUIEBRE “Quiebre” EP


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QUIEBRE “Quiebre” 5,00 EUR / 20zł
(Vegan+Amendment+Inhumano) Quiebre is a new 4 piece group, hailing from Talca and Concepción, two main Chilean cities to the south of Santiago. All of them played for the now defunct and pretty well known vegan straight edge juggernaut, Martir. Feeling the need to create something fresh, expand their influences and go further from the chugga-chugga influenced sound of Martir, Quiebre members embarked on this new journey that fully represents that evolution of creativity and ideas, bringing innovation in every possible aspect.
Having played their first show only 8 months before the release of this record, they’ve already toured, played numerous shows in Chile, Argentina and Uruguay having already covered more territory than the average South American band in less than a year of existence.
This 4 song debut EP combines several influences without losing urgency and rawness. They definitely transcend from any “retro” trend and create music that couldn’t fit more perfectly to these days. This is how hardcore sounds in 2015.