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RADEGAST „Demos 86/89“ LP


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RADEGAST „Demos 86/89“ 16,00 EUR / 75zł
(PHR) Archival recording of Radegast. It’s probably no coincidence that the first Czechoslovak hardcore band was formed in Havířov. The youngest city of the republic, built in a region that prides itself on hard work, was actually also socialist hardcore. From the late 1980s, the local standard of living was marked by everything that living in a mining region entailed. It was then that a band was formed that subsequently influenced many others. And it was named after a popular brand of beer – Radegast. Influenced by the American school of hardcore, Radegast played fast, short and loud from the start. Just occasionally the length of their songs would go well over a minute. The early phase of the band is captured in the first demo from 1986, still with singer Dana Kalousova. The second demo recorded in 1989 is then razor-sharp, and shows the band at its peak. Most of the lyrics throw the listener right into to the point of despair. Thanks to this, the unadulterated spirit of the times can still be felt in the recordings today. A time in which a jaded Havířov generation had to spend their youth. What it was really like from the band’s point of view it was, you can read in a comprehensive essay by Milan Jonšta inside the album. On everything mentioned is Moreover, it is beautifully visible that Radegast was actually the same as the region it came from – it didn’t coddle anything!Both complete demos are now being released on vinyl for the first time ever, and with a lot of cooperation from the band. So enjoy authentic Czechoslovak hardcore!