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R.C. BOYS “Rad conspiracy” EP (green)


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R.C. BOYS “Rad conspiracy” 7,00 EUR / 28zł (green)
(Sacramento) After 37 years perhaps Sacramento California’s first hardcore band, the RC BOYS, are releasing their first record! Recorded on their home turf, Sacramento’s suburb of Rancho Cordova, on a portable tape recorder that they just happened to bring along one night, this tape went undiscovered for over 30-plus years. For fans of early punk/hardcore in America, especially what was going on in California, this is a little piece of the puzzle. Drummer PAT STRATFORD would go on to front two of the best Sacramento bands ever: THE SQUARE COOLS and TALES OF TERROR. So, if you love them, check this record out. They played shows at Chinese food restaurants serving minors and abandoned chicken coops with other early Northern California hardcore/punk bands like Rebel Truth, Mod Philo and 7 Seconds. Sacramento Records tried their best to preserve the authentic distressed “early hardcore aesthetic” by printing the cover and inserts on an old analog copy machine. The record comes with an amazing 10” by 17” collage of live pictures of the band plus an extensive interview with the band’s surviving members detailing teen-punks-coming-of-age, their random misadventures and predictable demise. This record was a labor of love and hopefully the first of many more archival releases documenting Sacramento’s rich music history. Three songs pressed on green vinyl with a limited run of 300 records.