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RED STAR “Ranny pacierz towarzysza –live 1985-1986”LP blac


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RED STAR “Ranny pacierz towarzysza – live 1985-1986” LP 20,00 EUR / 90zł (black vinyl)
n 1982, the first punk concert in Rzeszów took place with the participation of the Warsaw bands DEZERTER, DEUTER and TZN XENNA. Their intense sets caused shock, disbelief, but also aggression and open protest on the part of some jaded old rock fans. The attempt to stop the punk wave had failed and the show became an event which created a real local space for this form of expression, sound and message.
Soon after, the first Rzeszów punk bands like the IZBA LORDÓW and TOXYT started to play. The first ones changed their name to CRVENA ZVEZDA, and after 1984 they started to use the English version of the name: RED STAR. The band appeared at several important festivals during 1985-1986 like Poza Kontrolą and Róbrege (accompanying the event alongside PROCESSS and STAN ZVEZDA), Fama’86 and particularly importantly: Jarocin ’86. There, after presenting three songs at auditions at the culture centre, the band immediately went to the main stage. Despite the lack of their original singer and fights between punx and skins during their set, they had the opportunity to present themselves in front of an exceptionally large audience and finally use professional equipment.

Their energetic and efficiently played straightforward hardcore punk was characterized by an uncompromising message that stunned censors. Few bands of this period have gone so far in expressing criticism of the political system at the time. This method of critique was eventually in every band’s approach. They mocked, attacked, and exposed the compulsion towards power and enslavement of freedom which the government thrived upon. They spoke directly about the hopelessness of life in the “red reserve”. There was no need to have to wait long for the effect – uniformed visits around the houses of band members, monitoring by the intelligence services, attempts at marginalization and censoring. It was obvious that nobody would dare to invite the band to do studio recordings or offer to release a recording of a band with such a message. The only successes were the shows they managed to play, during which all available techniques limiting censorship control were used.

As a result of frustration and uncertainty resulting from the artistic impotence caused by restrictions from censorship and also actual threats, the band fell silent for good in 1986, though some members continued in slightly more subdued endeavors such as the post-punk and cold wave formations of ONE MILLION BULGARIANS, and AURORA. Both of these bands, along with 1984, stand as a great showcase of the alternative music scene in Rzeszów in the 1980s.

RED STAR LP includes live recordings from Róbrege’85 (DK Łowicka, Warsaw) recordings from Jarocin ’86 (auditions of JOK + main stage) and some songs from their performance live in Katowice.

One-time pressing of 371 copies.