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REFUSE “Demo ‘89” 12” (ltd yellow)


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REFUSE “Demo ‘89” 12”   ltd yellow 17.00 EUR / 80zł
REFUSE 12” on REFUSE RECORDS! You can’t go wrong!
Coming from the same time and same place as almighty BROTHERHOOD – true legends and pioneers of the Seattle Straight Edge in the late 80s. They introduced the idea of being drug-free and gave their 100% support to younger kids in the local scene who were excited to start their own straight edge band – REFUSE. They started in 1988 and next year they recorded and released a demo tape with eight fast, positive and energetic songs filled with youthful enthusiasm. Their simple but sincere lyrics encompass issues like drinking, drug abuse, friendship, unity and wearing the X to ‘keep the fight alive’. A true statement by these 15 year old kids. Their only vinyl appearance was “Voice of thousand” compilation LP on Conversion Records with the song “Trust” taken from their demo. After playing with Brotherhood at their reunion show in March 1990 at Washington Hall, Seattle, the band changed their name to UNDERTOW and became one of the most important figures in the North West HardCore scene of the 90’s. Some members were active later also in the bands like NINEIRONSPITFIRE, TEN YARD FIGHT, ENSIGN or THE HELM.
REFUSE demo ‘89 coming out on vinyl now for the first time and it contains a 12 page booklet with an article by Robert Forbes and Jeff Terranova and interviews with the band from fanzines like Good & Plenty, Free Thought and Open Hand. Remastered by Smok / Studio As One. Vinyl edition layout by Jarosław Składanek.
Carefully unearthed piece of history of the late 80s straight edge HC explosion and pioneering times of the NWHC scene! 1-2-3-go!