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REJESTRACJA “Już nie ma nic” LP


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REJESTRACJA “Już nie ma nic18.00 EUR / 80zł

(Noise Annoys) Songs recorded at a concert in April 1986, in Toruń’s Od Nowa. Probably everyone had them on cassette at some point. The legendary Toruń-based REJESTRACJA is one of the pillars of Polish punk rock of the 1980s and at the same time one of the most musically progressive bands of the Polish scene of that decade. The band’s flagship was aggressive punk rock in the style of Dead Kennedys, BGK or Discharge, with strong, political and social lyrics that could not count on universal approval at the time. In the 1980s, apart from 2 tracjks on the compilation album “Jak punk to punk”, Rejestracja did not make any professional studio recordings, but nevertheless various cassettes with the band’s recordings circulated among the crew. Three of them: “Kontrola” (82), “Darmowe wczasy” (83) and “Nie ma już nic” (86) are released on vinyl in an edition authorised by band members Gel, Murk and Siatka. A solid remastering has made the original tapes sound like never before. The vinyl covers, on the other hand, were based on designs familiar from the cassettes, and the inserts feature period photos and lyrics. Despite some technical imperfections, these three vinyls are excellent documents of the power of 80s Polish punk rock.