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REVERSAL OF MAN “Nothing more nothing less” 3xLP


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REVERSAL OF MAN “Nothing more nothing less” 3xLP 42.00 EUR / 185zł

(Repeater) Twenty years after their final release, Florida’s hardcore trailblazers, Reversal of Man, finally get the vinyl discography treatment courtesy of Repeater Records. Between 1995 and 2000, the band released a full length LP, three split LPs, a 10”, various split 7”s and compilation tracks, all collected here along with the demo that kicked off their brief but influential time together. In the five years they existed, stretching members between Tampa and Orlando, Reversal of Man grew through several lineup changes and the resulting evolution of their sound while somehow managing numerous out of state fest appearances, touring the entire US (including a six week run with Tampa grind legends Assuck and an ill-fated nine week monster with combatwoundedveteran), and one last run through Europe before laying the band to rest for good. As the youth are known to be restless, the band still found time to write and record constantly amid the touring and local shows and their entire studio output is included in this discography. A fitting tribute to the long shadow they have cast, this triple LP comes wrapped in a gatefold sleeve with a massive booklet gathering all record art plus various flyers and photos from the beginning of the band through to the end.