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RUIDO DE RABIA “Pequenas reliquias de un infanticida” LP


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RUIDO DE RABIA “Pequenas reliquias de un infanticida” 14,00 EUR / 55zł
(Mesaco Un Ojo) Pequeñas reliquias de un infanticida” (“Small Relics of an Infanticidal Maniac”), was a bridging release for Ruido de Rabia and a remarkable landmark for the band, stylistically and in terms of vision. It provided evidence that something even greater was yet to be achieved: the intuition of an approachable horizon, to be explored shortly, as they proved to do later with full creative freedom. Merging from the dissolution of Tortura Sitemátika in 1985, the band progressively moved from the restless, raw, denouncing hardcore of their split LP with Ultimo Gobierno, to a more intricate focus, which delves into their non-conformism, both on a musical and thematic level. With Ruido de Rabia, it was never a case of attempting to force or push a certain goal, or looking for notoriety in order to mark the difference. It was obvious that there was a potential when it came to piecing their ideas together, one that not even a wall of noise and all-spat anger could restrict or bind in any way. At this point, they were naturally mutating as a metaphor of their own motivations in order to question, argue against, point and denounce the unacceptable. “Pequeñas Reliquias de un Infanticida” (1991) was, as would be the case for a demo, as much an axiom of nom-indulgence as an uncompromising critique, one which carved their diatribes with the pluralism of the “idea” as the ignition point from which to keep evolving – even within the relative narrowness of their astonishing Grind/Death. This 10-track demo received an enthusiastic response when being reissued on tape, along with a separate booklet, by the legendary Spanish punk-harcore label Fobia-Duros sentimientos, two years later. At this stage, the band had grown immensely during the gestation of the follow up debut LP, “Revolucion Cósmica”. An album that acted as both their peak and the end of their career, it was a big bang on a small scale to match their creativity, which made an everlasting historical mark in the Basque and Spanish underground.