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S.C.U.M. “Born too soon” LP


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S.C.U.M. “Born too soon” 34.00 EUR / 155zł

(Porterhouse) Originally released in 1985, “Born Too Soon…” was embraced by fans worldwide and the band still carries legendary status in punk rock circles to this day. Fans of Bad Brains, Black Flag and D.O.A. were quick to realize how powerful SC.U.M.’s songs and sound were. Fiercely political lyrics juxtaposed with grinding guitars and frenetic drumming were the order of the day. However, the multicultural makeup of the band set them apart, as did the epic-sized studio production of their LP. At the time of its release some fans actually decried the album as being “too slick” for a punk act. The band and producer have undertaken to throw more grit and edge into this re-issue by re-mastering the LP with that critique in mind.