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SAD BOYS „Demo“ 14,00 EUR / 55zł
(Discos Enfermos) Finally one year after work on it comes out the reissue of demo cassette of New York’s SAD BOYS in 12″ format. Sad Boys is a band from New York with a brutal sound that mixes English punk sound with Japanese pogo-punk and giving all an incredible personality; strongly marked bass-lines under a distorted and screeching guitar , relentless drums on 1-2-1-2-1-2 makes can’t stay quite listening to this shit … and acute and squeaky voice of Emma is fucking punk. THE INJECTIONS and TOM & BOOT BOYS influences are indisputable and even something of THE WANKYS can be appreciated, but giving it a personal touch with the characteristic voice. 12 tracks that for me are the best of the band and almost impossible to find in the original format of cassette released by the band itself. Very special release with the demo on A side and etched B side with work of Emma B, screenprinted covers in 3 different colors and insert with lyrics and band photo.