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SCRAPS “Demo ‘85” 12” (ltd. blue)


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SCRAPS “Demo ‘85” 17.00 EUR / 80zł (ltd. blue)
(REFUSE) Earliest recording by legendary French hardcore band SCRAPS. This is their debut demo from 1985, first time on vinyl. Originally self released by the band in 3 different versions (3-tracks tape, 6-tracks tape and as a 7-tracks tape). Vinyl version contains all the tracks. Most of the songs were never rerecorded on their later materials. This is early SCRAPS in their rawest, chaotic and primitive form. Alongside bands like HEIMAT-LOS, KROMOZOM 4, RAPT or FINAL BLAST they were one of the pioneers of hardcore in France.
One-time pressing of 300 copies. Mastered by Smok (Studio As One). Layout by Jarosław Składanek.