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SECTION URBANE “The final program” EP


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SECTION URBANE “The final program” 6,00 EUR / 24zł
(540) The final release in 540 Records’ series of reissues from ’70s Brisbane, Australia punk labels Shake Music and Savage Music is this four-song EP from Section Urbane. Having released two previous singles of quirky punk as Just Urbain, the Brisbane band continued their unique Velvets-through-the-lens-of-Joy-Division approach through the name change, harnessing a fuller, more bass-heavy sound on their final recording session. The track “I’d Rather Stay Home And Watch TV” still has more than its fair share of the Aussie-garage stomp of bands like the Chosen Few and the Victims, but after that it’s all about Mo Tucker beats, dark and poetic lyrics delivered with a distinctly Lou Reed-influenced drawl and heavy, melodic, Peter Hook-style bass lines. Limited edition of 600 copies.