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SEKAANNUS „Aivokuolleet“ EP


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SEKAANNUS „Aivokuolleet“ 8.00 EUR / 35zł
(Finnish Hardcore+Makitie 8) Before their reputable “19??” split 7″ with MASSACRE, SEKAANNUS recorded a 13-track demo which circled the scene on self-dubbed cassettes and various compilation tapes. Representing their early harsh and fast HC punk, their demo 1984 is now released on vinyl for the first time SEKAANNUS: Aivokuolleet 7″ EP (FINHC-022, MÄK002) consists of 9 tracks from the demo and is professionally mastered from the original recording. Artwork is done in the classic Finnish HC style by using scissors & glue and each sleeve is cut & folded by hand.