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SHOT GUN „1994-2003 Stick to old fashioned style“ 2xLP+CD


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SHOT GUN „1994-2003 Stick to old fashioned style“ 2xLP+CD 27.00 EUR / 125zł
(F.O.A.D.) The true spirit of Sapporo City Hardcore in the ‘90s… fast, intense and raging to the bone! Their most complete discography to date (83 songs!!) compiling all their existing recordings including demos, split releases, compilation tracks, 7”s, unreleased tracks and live plus a fantastic pre-SHOT GUN studio session from their rare early band WARSAW. Furious female fronted screaming aggression delivered by veterans of the SC-HC scene (members of F.U.P., CHINPIRA, BARRICADE, SLANG and more!). This is pure no frills Hardcore the way it has to be, hard to make a comparison but on the infinite universe of Japanese bands some parts remind of Systematic Death and The Comes, and if you want to take it on an international level, Los Crudos come to mind… Double LP housed in a high glossy gatefold jacket with OBI strip + bonus CD, sticker and 16 page full coloured booklet with rare photos and scans of their entire discography. As the band says: “Stick to old-fashioned style”!!