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SIEKIERA “Róbrege ‘84” 7”EP  


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SIEKIERARóbrege ‘84” 7”EP    50.00 EUR / 230zł


The third output in the publishing series with recordings from Róbrege festival, and at the same time the third release within the official vinyl editions of the cult Siekiera for WPR.

After the shock, stupefaction and crazy pogo which took place in Jarocin, the name of the band has already become a permanent fixture in punx consciousness, commonly present on leather jackets and self-made T-shirts. The prospect of seeing Siekiera at Warsaw’s Róbrege ’84 festival warmed up Punx from all over the country. The uncompromising brigade from Puławy made an assault with their total hardcore at another important event and again in front of a bigger audience.

Due to the quality of the preserved recordings, we present only a fragment of this set cut into the so-called four track EP – in the tradition of the format of EPs released in Poland in the 80s. This recording defends itself perfectly in such a compact formula. Amplify the impact by listening mercilessly loud!

EP is released in a limited edition of 500 copies. No further pressings are planned.

Please note – only 1 copy of the album can be purchased by each customer.