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SISTA SEKUNDEN “Sista forsvarslinjen” EP


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SISTA SEKUNDEN “Sista forsvarslinjen” 4,00 EUR / 16zł
(Instigate) You will shout ”Hall-e-fuckin-luja” to the Posi-Core gods above, below or wherever when your sorry ears catch these tunes for the first time. These dudes really know how to put the fun back into Hardcore without becoming a washed-out and lame clownery act. This is fast, this is melodic, this has tons of singalongs, this has mid-tempo parts that will make you go nuts, this bursts of energy and, most of all, this has guts and a big fucking smile on the face at the same time. This shit is genius and the BEST! ever done by SISTA SEKUNDEN. Even if you don’t speak Swedish, this record will make you want to start the kind of bedroom circle-pit action you haven’t done since that kiddy days way back then!