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SKARNIO „Horrores da vida“ LP


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SKARNIO „Horrores da vida“ 18.00 EUR / 85zł
(SPHC) Since 1986, Skarnio has been playing a traditional style of Brazilian hardcore from the same school as Armagedom, Lobotomia, and Ratos de Porao. One foot in UK and Scandinavian hardcore, one foot in kvlt thrash metal, executed with unrelenting brutality and two-fingers-in-the-air attitude. Exactly the sort of shit I love and adore. And just as Armagedom and RDP continue to play and continue to be quite excellent, so does Skarnio. Truly, Brazil is one of the best places in the world for punk. Also like many of the hidden gems of Brazil, Skarnio has been kicking ass all this time but has very little discography to show for it. After they blew me away at Sao Caos Fest, we’ve gone through a couple ideas of what to release, and it is a dream come true for me to release their latest album on vinyl for worldwide consumption, capturing them with arguably their best line-up.