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SKEEZICKS “Discography 1985-1987” 2xLP (black)


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SKEEZICKS “Discography 1985-1987” 2xLP 25.00 EUR / 100zł (black)
(REFUSE) SKEEZICKS started in 1984 in the small town of Nagold, southern Germany. Along with bands like SPERMBIRDS or HOSTAGES OF AYATOLLAH, they were one of the first German bands playing “US-influenced hardcore”, directly inspired by bands like NEGATIVE APPROACH, MINOR THREAT, FAITH and VOID.
Being from a small town and in response to bringing US styled hardcore and aesthetics to the German scene, the band was met with with rejection and criticism by traditional Deutschpunkers. At the same time they were able to create vibrant scene around their hometown with regular hardcore shows featuring local and international acts. The band’s shows were a template for the next decades of hardcore shows to come, with a focus on fun, stage dives and all within a non-violent atmosphere.
Additionally, Skeezicks bassist Armin ran X-mist Records where the band’s vinyl outputs were released. To this day, this label is one of the strongest institutions for independent music.
During their time Skeezicks managed to play in Switzerland, Belgium, Holland and Denmark, release one LP and one 7” and appeared on various vinyl and tape compilations. Their impact on the hardcore punk scene in Germany is unquestionable and they became an integral part of the 80’s European hardcore scene.
This discography double album contains their full length “Selling out!” LP, the “There’s a charlie brown in everyone of us!” 7”, compilation tracks (“Smelling just another bad breath”, “Trust-Vinyl Compilation”, “How will you know what this record sounds like if you don’t listen to it”), the “We make noise…” demo and also two unreleased tracks intended to appear on Hageland Hardcore Records compilation. These tracks were lost for many years and were found just recently.
The accompanying booklet contains photos by Anne Ullrich and Theun K, flyers, band lyrics, and also liner notes by Helge Schreiber (Network Of Friends), Flo (Heartfirst Records), Marc Hanou (B.T.D., Betray, Birds Of A Feather) and Christian Unsinn (Take It Back Records).
Classic front cover design by Brian Walsby, created in 1985 for the Skeezicks debut EP and then colored by him in 2021! Total 42 tracks incl. cover songs of THE VIBRATORS, NEGATIVE APPROACH and FAITH. Here’s important piece of German and European Hardcore history that you can’t ignore!