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SS-20 “Secta suicida siglo 20” LP


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SS-20 “Secta suicida siglo 20” 18.00 EUR / 75zł

(F.O.A.D.) Chapter 1 of 3 in F.O.A.D.’s mission to reissue the complete discography of this cult female-fronted Mexican chaos punk band, enriched by unreleased material and extremely rare sessions… Mastered from Zappa Punk’s personal cassette archives after a complex selection and restoration process that took years! Raging, crude hardcore punk from the toughest streets of D.F. in the ’80s. This LP includes their only 12″ originally self-released in 1989 (and only bootlegged since then) with 13 bonus tracks taken from early rehearsals ’86/87 and from the legendary live compilation “Punks muertos” (1987). Comes with a fanzine styled colored booklet featuring biographical notes, photos, Zappa’s drawings and scans of the original releases.