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STEP TO FREEDOM „2014-2019 discography“ CS


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STEP TO FREEDOM „2014-2019 discography“ 9,00 EUR / 36zł
(Audacious Madness) Churning, metallic Russian metalcrust. Like a blast from the early 2000s, STEP TO FREEDOM bulldozes their way through seventeen pieces of pure guttural filth, combining two earlier releases. 2017’s Cemetery For The Humankind is a ripping speed metal dervish with MISERY lurches throughout, while 2014’s Social Zombies opts for a more streamlined AXEGRINDER approach. To have all of this mania on one tape is nothing short of a gift. (Robert Collins MRR)
Includes both previously released full lengths, “Social Zombies” and out of print “Cemetery for the Humankind.” Also includes the previously unreleased track “Control Therapy (Live in SVORA)”