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STERILE MIND „Lift the mask“ LP (US Press)


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STERILE MIND „Lift the mask“ 5,00 EUR / 20zł (US Press)
(SM) Long in the works and finally ready for consumption, Oakland’s STERILE MIND is back with the stark, brutal and unforgiving debut LP, “lift the mask”. Featuring members of NO STATIK, WHAT HAPPENS NEXT and others. STERILE MIND produce 9 songs of ripping hardcore-punk complimented by thoughtful songwriting, unorthodox arrangements and dripping-with-contempt lyrics. A good reference point could be the early ABC No Rio scene (BORN AGAINST/RORSCHACH) with a touch of East-Bay hardcore (TALK IS POISON/DEAD AND GONE) and the speed and intensity of bands like TOTALITÄR and NO SECURITY.