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SUBSTANDARD “Discount – Singles & Demos Discography” LP


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SUBSTANDARD “Discount – Singles & Demos Discography” 40zł / 10,00 EUR / $14
(Ruin Nation) Originally released 2003 by Maximum Noise Entertainment in a limited press run. SUBSTANDARD was a UK Anarcho Punk band from Nottingham and well known for their manic live performance and outrageous speed in their style of songwriting… A shredding thrash metallic “punk” soundtrack to support a strong punk political message spitted out by pissed off dual vocals… They released two brilliant demo tapes, 3 split 7″ EP´s with NERVES, PINK FLAMINGOS and DETESTATION as well as a own 7″ EP. – Included here is everything they did plus compilation tracks and comes with a recycled version of the original lnnersleeve as lyric sheet / poster.