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SUSPECT „Demo“ EP (pink)


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SUSPECT „Demo“ 6,00 EUR / 25zł (pink)
(Crew Cuts) SUSPECT demo for the first time on wax. Hardcore punk of the early 80s variety from Germany. They got the hardcore bop and stomp of Negative Approach blended up with the same kind of poppy chaos that makes early Angel Dust a real blast to listen to. The weirdo edge they’ve got going doesn’t seem intentional but maybe they can’t help it. There’s something about a pumping drum beat and juicy bassline walking about all over the fret board while the song is choppin’ and changin’ about between fat breakdowns and straight up fury, while the singer rages about cops, big business, and people that they feel have done them wrong that really strongly suggests street corner maniac “WEIRDO”. Pressed on pink vinyl.