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SVART PARAD „Total Svart Parad“ 2xLP


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SVART PARAD „Total Svart Parad“ 2xLP 23,00 EUR / 92zł
(F.O.A.D.) The definitive, total SVART PARAD discography including all their existing recordings 1984-1986, remastered from first generation tapes provided by the band, adding a bunch of rare and unreleased material. All their demos, extra studio out-takes, compilation tracks and a bonus “Total Live” CD made of 4 different live sets. Forget the previous poorly made, incomplete collections, this release has all you need to own the most exhaustive and best sounding SVART PARAD anthology to date… 80 SONGS!! Raw, crude Hardcore aggression from one of Sweden’s most influential bands of the 80s, take the later sound of bands like Doom, it’s undeniable that they took inspiration from what you’ll hear on this record. Housed in a gatefold sleeve with a very detailed booklet full of rare photos, flyers and original tape artworks. Layout assembled by Håkan, former drummer of the legendary ASOCIAL, with constant supervision of the SV members. Another fundamental Swedish Hardcore discography getting the deserved quality treatment by the FOAD team! – Double LP including all demos, compilation tracks and more. – Gatefold sleeve – “Total live” CD with 4 different live sets – 30cm x 30cm booklet (original artworks, photos, flyers, lyrics, liner notes)