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SWINGO PORKIES „Bonsergent“ 10“


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SWINGO PORKIES „Bonsergent“ 10“ 12,00 EUR / 48zł
(UVPR) UVPR issues on this record two unpublished tracks already released on their first picture disc, now out of stock, in addition with three tracks from the Paris Mix compilation. Swingo Porkies is a legendary band of the french Oi!, first by their age, as they are the very first Parisian Oi!  band, they played between 1980 and 1983. It was also one the rare band at that time with non-political lyrics, and they never turned into right wing tendency, as many bands of the same time, unfortunately.
But this archive is not the only interest of this record : their songs are powerful, with nice lyrics, a very correct sound if we think about the time of recording, a very good kind of french Oi! we like, some songs also sound like Chaos en France.
This reissue is very beautiful, with great pictures from Swingo’s past, remastered sound and an history.