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THE CRAVATS “Blurred” 8,50 EUR / 35zł
(Overground) What on Earth is going on? No new material for decades and suddenly a second single from those sax-riddling dadarians, The Cravats pops up in the year of our lard, 2016?
The first, March’s critically acclaimed limited edition seven inch, Jingo Bells / Batterhouse, certainly did the business. It got a healthy heap of radio play from the likes of Marc Riley, Gideon Coe and Henry Rollins among others, it pleased the faithful and corralled a whole new crowd of the curious to the Cravats congregation. Penny Rimbaud’s tour guide portrayal in the Jingo Bells vid did the viewing figures no harm on YouTube and as a calling card it did what it was supposed to do . . . announce to the world that The Cravats were back. So here we have the second single. Another two blisteringly twisted tracks of oddness from the Hieronymus Boschs of beat.