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THE EJECTOR SEATS “Say sorry” 11,00 EUR / 45zł
(Collision Course) Wildly unique, yet catchy enough to appeal to a broad base of people into all sorts of punk rock, The Ejector Seats are a terrific mix of pop, garage, and early 1980s hardcore. The gatefold sleeve and pretty marbled vinyl suggest a more prefab, slicker presentation than the record itself, which is gleefully raw and potent. There’s more than one band called The Ejector Seats, but this is the one to look for. Bonus points are awarded for the crafty “owner’s manual” accompanying the record, in which the band lists its shortcomings and makes apologies. And yes, the album’s called Say Sorry. There’s nothing to apologize for, though. The Ejector Seats represent primal, instinctual punk at its finest. –Art Ettinger (Razorcake)