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THE REBARKER/UNRESTRAINED split 13zł / 3,50e / $4,50
(Superfluous) “the inventors of the PNA (Positively Negative Attitude) are back! magdeburg’s chaos-violence-machine REBARKER, bring us six new songs on this record that rather resemble pissed off all-out-war blasts than traditional hardcore songs. coming a long way, this five piece has perfected its mix of 90’s hardcore, Bremen-style madness and (the very few good) screamo, combining all of these influences with their unique approach of playing raw hardcore fueled by desperation, rage and disappointment. being compared to LOXIRAN, THE SWARM and TRAP THEM in the past, this powerhouse proves once again that the edge has not gone dull. portland’s UNRESTRAINED name “the passion and intelligence of the 1990’s hardcore movement” as one of their main influences. while they do sound somewhat like a modern mix of THREADBARE and HARVEST, they are by no means stuck in the past. this record is limited to 313 copies. all records are hand-numbered and come with a cut-out cover.