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THE RIVAL MOB „Mob justice“ picture disc LP


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THE RIVAL MOB „Mob justice“ picture disc LP 27,00 EUR / 140zł
(Revelation) NEW PRESSING NOW AVAILABLE AS A VINYL PICTURE DISC AND LIMITED TO 600 COPIES. Drawn up by some of the most unsavory souls in the Boston, MA, underground and reinforced by members who have done time in infamous area bands like Mind Eraser, Righteous Jams, Mental, XFilesX and many others, The Rival Mob became the darlings of the hardcore scene. The band’s Revelation Records debut picked up right where their previous EP, “Hardcore For Hardcore,” left off, with vocalist Brendan Radigan spewing venom at the ills that plague both the outside world and the scene itself, all delivered over fast, stage dive-inspiring hardcore that brings to mind the best of mid-to-late ’80s New York hardcore bands like Youth Of Today, Warzone, and Breakdown.