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THE SLICKEE BOYS “Here to stay” EP


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THE SLICKEE BOYS “Here to stay” 10.00 EUR / 45zł

(Vinyl Conflict) The Slickee Boys are one of DC’s first “Punk” bands—certainly, the first to release their own albums, go on tour, or get signed. They began in 1976 and continued releasing records through the ’80s, before finishing their career in 1991. While there are plenty of titles we could have chosen, I simply had to go with my favorite in the Slickee’s vast and varied catalog. With elements of Surf, Rockabilly, Garage, Psych, and Punk all represented, they tastefully dip into each genre while managing to do it in a way that will please all crowds. This single, “Here To Stay”, was originally released in 1981, the same year as Minor Threat’s “Filler” 7”.