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THE VARUKERS „Bloodsuckers“ LP


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THE VARUKERS „Bloodsuckers“ 14,00 EUR / 63zł
(Radiation) The Varukers were one of the first groups of the UK 82 movement – the second generation of punk rock that took the spirit of ’77 and merged it with the incessant beat of NWOBHM – responsible for creating UK hardcore. Heavily inspired by Discharge, The Varukers released three 7″s in the early ’80s before this, their first and most definitive album, came out in 1983 on the legendary Riot City Records (Vice Squad, Abrasive Wheels, Chaos U.K.). Back in print on LP, thanks to Radiation Reissues, Bloodsuckers is one of the definitive pieces of early UK hardcore, full of Sabbath inspired guitar work, pounding rhythms and aggressive anarchistic lyrical content. Essential!