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THE WANKYS “Knock one out” LP


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THE WANKYS “Knock one out” 12,00 EUR / 48zł
(SPHC) Third LP by these lovely arseholes. A little less noisy than past efforts, and a little more silly. Three English gentlemen, ex-members of all your favorite UK bands, goof off and have a bit of pervy old guy fun. But despite all the silliness, they manage to write both really catchy mid-tempo snotty punk anthems and really chaotic, harsh short/fast/loud hardcore numbers that capture their noise spirit. Obviously to be filed next to your Swankys records, but I think the Wankys have found their own noise-punk niche in the past few years, developing their own unique sound, style, and attitude unlike any other. I guess that’s what the insight of age/experience can give you.