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TOTAL CONTROL „Typical system“ LP


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TOTAL CONTROL „Typical system“ 19,00 EUR / 75zł
(Iron Lung) Melbourne’s visceral post-punk band Total Control return with their second album ‘Typical System’. Total Control, feature members of Straighjacket Nation, Eddy Current Suppression Ring, UV Race and more, a veritable who’s who of some of the best bands from the punk / garage scene down under. ‘Typical System’ is the follow-up to the immense ‘Henge Beat’, a record that flew under the radar and quickly garnered heaps of accolades. On ‘Typical System’ the band move from the downbeat yet melodic lead single ‘Flesh War’ which is a mix of Echo and the Bunnymen and Joy Division, to ‘Expensive Dog’ which could have easily fitted onto Wire’s seminal ‘Pink Flag’ and back again to opening cut, ‘Bloody Glass’ which has Factory Records and New order 1981 written all over it. Each of the 10 tracks reward you with something fresh on repeated listens. ‘Typical System’ is without doubt the best modern day post punk album.