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TRIBAL NOISE „Citta‘ in flamme 1983-1989“ LP (white)


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TRIBAL NOISE „Citta‘ in flamme 1983-1989“ 15.00 EUR / 60zł
(Spittle) Tribal Noise were formed in Bologna in 1983, the first nucleus was composed by Cesare Ferioli on drums, Federico Poggipollini on bass, Andrea D’Alessandro on guitar, Giuseppe Yu Guerra on keyboards and Giampiero Babbini on vocals. At the end of 1983, the line up slightly changed with the entry of Fabrizio “Felix” Frassineti in place of Andrea D’Alessandro. The group was noted for the lyrics in Italian, their goth and post-punk approach and a series of compositions akin to the mastery of Joy Division, The Cure, or Siouxsie & The Banshees. This anthology collects all of their works, the Ep C.A.S. records and a series of tracks that appeared on tape compilation and fanzines. Such a great discovery of the earliest Italian underground of the mid-eighties.