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TUNA “Dupla face” LP


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TUNA “Dupla face” 10,00 EUR / 40zł
(Chicken’s Call+Crapoulet+Break The Silence+…) This the second full album of this brazilian punk rock band. Musically they mix loads of different influences together into some hot sauce of punkrock and will deffo please anyone who like the kind of ARCTIC FLOWER, GORILLA ANGREP or NO HOPE FOR THE KIDS. The band’s second release is entitled “Dupla Face” (meaning “duplex” or “two-sided”) cos it’s kind of a symmetrical concept album. In order to express different points of view (not necessarily opposed), each song works as a pair with a corresponding track on the flipside. Lyrically it’s far more indeep as usual these days and pretty worth doing some research. Gatefold package.