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UNHAIM „S`brant!“ EP


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UNHAIM „S`brant!“ 8,00 EUR / 35zł
(Rinderherz) Ah yes, Unhaim, the kings of “How can we make producing a record as laborious as possible” – here’s the “avoid computers”-record. Recorded live on two inch-tape, mixing and mastering was also done analog, then cut directly from the tape. The artwork for the labels was done by hand and the covers were all silkscreened. Don’t they have anything better to do?, you might ask… I asked this too… but the result was well worth the work! Again a bit less crustcore and a bit more punkrock but still a hefty pack of noise. Four songs, punky crustcore or crusty hardcorepunk, whatever you might call it, sung in Swiss German.