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UTTER FAILURE “E.P.” 14zł / 3,50 EUR / $4,50
(Crapoulet+Vinehell+Messner+…) This is the debut 7″ from San Jose, CA’s UTTER FAILURE. The band reunites brothers Rob and Dave Fraser from 90s Bay Area punk band Krupted Peasant Farmerz. Six songs of melodic punk/hardcore influenced by bands like Asta Kask, Articles of Faith, and Badtown Boys, that channel and evolve the spirit of K.P.F.: A search for meaning and the common good amid a visceral disgust for a fucked up world, set to guitar harmonies, haunting vocal melodies, Misfits-style “whoah” parts, with driving rhythm section. Over the years, members from UTTER FAILURE have played in bands like Apeface, Shitkickers, Saros, Uzi Suicide, Whiskey Sunday, Angry For Life, Joe Q. Citizen, and tons more.