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V/A “Duma Młodych” LP + “Mysha Fanzine anthology 1991-1994” Book


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V/A “Duma Młodych” LP + “Mysha Fanzine anthology 1991-1994” Book 25.00 EUR / 110zł  (ltd blue vinyl)
Mysha fanzine was created by Anna Lubińska and Adam Szulc (from Cymeon X) in Poznań and it was one of the most important hardcore punk zines in Poland in the early 90’s. It was the main publication promoting straight edge in the local scene However it wasn’t limited to drugXfree hardcore bands only. It was a part of wider spectrum of radical DIY hardcore punk that exploded in Poland right after the transformation of the system. Five issues were published between 1991-1994. Some batch of the issues 1-4 came out with a compilation series “Duma Młodych” (Proud of the Youth) with the bands appeared in the zine.

Anthology of “Mysha” zine that we’re excited to present now is coming out with a compilation LP which refers by its title and character to the original cassette series – this time on vinyl format. All the bands compiled on this album appeared in the pages of the zine’s five issues and were recorded between 1987-1994. Some of them appeared on original compilation series. Most of the songs/versions were never released on vinyl format before. First side of the record feat. international bands: INSTED, SHELTER, NO FRAUD and THE CAUSE (USA), MANLIFTINGBANNER (Netherlands), RISE ABOVE and SHORTSIGHT (Belgium), THINK TWICE (Italy), INDEPENDENT NOISE DISORDER (Czech Republic) and EMBITTERED (UK). Second side is all about Polish Hardcore of the early 90s w/ HOMOMILITIA, CYMEON X, UPSIDE DOWN, HOODED MAN, INHELL, NOWA DROGA, AGUIRE and JAK DŁUGO JESZCZE?.
Collection 18 songs by 18 bands from 7 countries plus Mysha zine anthology for XXX+1 anniversary of the 1st issue in one package bringing back memories of one the best and influential period in the history of Polish and international hardcore punk and straight edge scene. Limited pressing limited to 400 copies. Mastered at As One Studio. Layout Jarosław Składanek.