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V/A „Girlz Disorder volume 3“ LP+CD


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V/A „Girlz Disorder volume 3“ LP+CD 18.00 EUR / 80zł
(DIY Koło+Mass+Fire And Flames) Here’s the next round of our international compilation series with 25 all-female* punk/hardcore bands from 19 countries: LAVENDER WITH (Belgium), TIME BOMB GIRLS (Brasil), BLONDE REVOLVER (Australia), TROTS (Sweden), SIN LENCERIA (Chile), HEKATE (Greece), BLOODY BENDER (Mexico), WÜRST NÜRSE (Australia), LADY RAGE (England), EMASKULATOR (Turkey), TOMAR CONTROL (Peru), DE RARAS (Argentina), HOT SHEETS (USA), CONTA (Germany), TROIKA (Spain), BRATAKUS (Scotland), BIOMA (Brasil), TURBA (Argentina), PANTYCHRIST (Canada), LAS VIN UP (Argentina), APOSTASIS (USA), VEX (Hungary), SOGA (Mexico), THE HORNY BITCHES (Canada), RATAS EN ZELO (USA).