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V/A “Back From The Dead” CD


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V/A “Back From The Dead” 4 Way Split CD 4zł / 1,00 EUR
A Straight Edge Hardcore compilation contains four bands from Poland into youth crew and old school / modern hardcore that were active in the recent years: SECOND AGE (aka The Age) – their final recording followed up “the Tides Have Turned” Cd on Refuse Records and releasedon “The Age” 7″ on Commitment Records. They were the best old schoolsXe sounding band around and their music was compared to old classicslike Youth To Today to modern classics like Champion or Betrayed;CRUSH ALL FAKES – old school/modern hardcore that started after demiseof 33 Rotations, INSURRECTION – straight edge hardcore withinfluences from 90’s new school HC like Undertow, Unbroken, Outspokenand Strife mixed with some old school HC sounding bands likeMouthpiece etc.; X’S ALWAYS WIN – remastered songs from their demo,old school sounding straight edge HC in the vein of In My Eyes, CarryOn and Count Me Out with members of Second Age, Cymeon X and Apatia.26 songs and 12-page booklet that makes you aware of one of the best SxE / Hardcore bands in Poland in the last few years.