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V/A “Planting a seed” CD


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V/A “Planting a seed” 1.50 EUR / 5zł
(De Rok) “Planting A Seed” is a hardcore punk benefit compilation for Parkinson’s Disease research. Proceeds go to The Parkinson Alliance. 68 tracks, 25 songs ALL PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED! Chainsaw, Bulletrainmafia, No Policy, Everybody’s Enemy, Deadfall, Kerum, Delirium, Holier Than Thou?, Common Enemy, Space To Being, Voetsek, Mutual Abuse, Damage Deposit, George Harrison, Case Of Emergency, League Of Struggle, Any Last Words, Second Opinion, Crispus Attucks, What The Heck?, Coughing Up Blood, Noisear, Conga Fury, Robot Has Werewolf Hand, HeWhoCorrupts.