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VICIOUS REALITY “Eyes to the sun” EP (2nd press, white)


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VICIOUS REALITY “Eyes to the sun” 5,00 EUR / 20zł (2nd press, white vinyl) (REFUSE+BLACK WEDNESDAY) Częstochowa is a sort of holy city for all the catholics in Poland. For this or that reason it may never went through a thriving HC Punk scene, but despite this – thanks to the small but tight group of friends from the Holy City Youth Crew, has become one of the most active place in Poland. Regular shows and functioning of band REGRES are important facts. Two members of Regres (Paweł and Ogór) started ViciousxReality (with Słoń and Damian, who later joined Regres) – 100% vege edge band. “Eyes to the Sun” is their debut on vinyl, include nine tracks. They admit to having been influenced by bands like Our Turn, Tear It Up, Mental and Insted – but whether in their recordings heard these inspirations are being heard is the question to leave to potential listeners. They can make you sure there are a whole lot of fun, posi vibes and fast old style HC on this songs. VxR 7″ is a co-release between Refuse Records and Black Wednesday Records.