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VIDRO/CANKRO split LP (2nd press, white)


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VIDRO/CANKRO split 16,00 EUR / 75zł
(Kink) Finally a new proper edition of the split LP from VIDRO and CANKRO which was originally released on tape for the Brazil tour in 2019 and on vinyl a year later in a small edition by Byllepest Records. Both versions sold-out within a very short time, so it was time to make this great piece available for everyone. VIDRO from Stockholm, Sweden deliver 6 angry mid-tempo punk-rock smasher with a slightly melancholic undertone and the pissed off vocals of Vendela. On the flipseide you’ll get CANKRO from Sao Paulo, Brazil with their vinyl debut and 4 rough hardcore-punk tracks, which combines the best of classic Brazilian hardcore and the current raw punk hype with a few great guitar solos enriches.