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VIVISEKTIO „1985“ 15,00 EUR / 70zł
(Finnish Hardcore) VIVISEKTIO are Hardcore, Punk band from Äkäslompolo, Finland. Formed in late 1983 (as VENDETTA) and split up in May 1986. VIVISEKTIO was one of the first Finnish Punk bands with female members. Original members Pekka and Pena reformed VIVISEKTIO in early 2008 with two new members. Their debut album “1984” was released in 2011, here on this 12″ LP called “1985” you can listen to eight old rehearsal songs (out of the year 1985, oh what wonder) carefully restored from the original tapes and remastered to achieve the best result. What a nice piece of finnish Punk history. Standard version on Black vinyl housed in a coloured LP pocket cover and with a twelve pages A 4 illustrated booklet.