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VVOVNDS/SOUL GRIP split 12,00 EUR / 48zł
(Hyper Tension+Consouling Sounds) „The past few years, the city of Ghent has become a hotbed for post -slash- black metal, spitting out bands like Amenra, Oathbreaker, Wiegedood and also Soul Grip. They will be presenting three long-awaited new tracks, the first new material we’ve heard since their 2015 full-length Avadon. A clanging bass sound is emphasized in Abigor, bringing an interesting kind of experimental vibe to the music. The band ends their side of the EP on a vulnerable note: Raudur has a quiet and soft bridge featuring acoustic guitar and whispers, giving us some time to breathe and experience what comes next twice as heavy. On the flipside we find VVOVNDS or Wounds, who, contrasting the previous band, present just one very special track, incomparable to anything this band has made before. While their previous work is similar to bands like Converge, the 14 minute mastodon of a track called On a Noose has a droney vibe to it, carries a heavy atmosphere and bursts with organic progressions. Yet they managed to maintain the same kind of intensity that’s typical for VVOVNDS. The band has worked together with Dutch experimental artist Svartvit for this track, allegedly since they played Rock Herk & Incubate Festival together back in 2016.“ (Grimmgent)