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WARHEAD “Never give up” LP


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WARHEAD “Never give up” 50zł / 12,00 EUR
(Insane Society) 22 tracks of raging Japanese HC Punk! WARHEAD have been around since the early 90’s and produced some of the most ferocious hardcore of that era. Subsequently, their singles have all become quite hard to find and expensive to buy, even the represses. Well they’re all on here on one beautifully packaged LP with stunning artwork from Japanese artist SUGI. Contains their first 7″ ‘Cry Of The Truth’, Second 7″ ‘The Lost Self And The Beating Heart’, tracks from the awesome ‘Hardcore Ball 3’ compilation, tracks from the rare compilation LP ‘One Shot One Kill’, Third 7″ ‘Drive It In Your Head’, and their rare split 7″ with ORdER. If you’re a fan of Japanese Hardcore then this is a total must-have.