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WEAK LINK “Weak Link” EP


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WEAK LINK “Weak Link” 5,50 EUR / 22zł
(Weak Link) 2nd 7″ from this band from the far reaches of Canada. There has been a lot of music coming out of the Nova Scotia / Newfoundland axis as of late, and I get the impression that Weak Link are the senior band on the block. You can see why on this recording, as it’s a bright, snappy, and powerful piece of hardcore. What Weak Link remind me most of are bands from the early 00s like Tear It Up, Life’s Halt, and Down in Flames… this was the era of hardcore just before the total retro No Way Records thing happened… bands were starting to rep early USHC super hard, but there were still a lot of residual elements of the popular youth crew hardcore sound of the time in those bands’ sounds. (sorry state)